It is not obvious from salt documentation on salt.states.docker_container how to attach named volume to a container. Named volumes are not mentioned at all. In fact it is possible to use binds: list under salt.states.docker_container.running to do it.

Example: It will create named volume test_volume and bind it to /home, unnamed volume will be mounted to /mnt and tmpfs will be mounted to /var/run

Create docker volume:
    - name: test_volume
    - driver: local

Start container:
    - name: hello-world
    - image: hello-world:latest
    - hostname: hello-world
    - read_only: true
    - volumes:
        - /tmp
    - binds:
        - test_volume:/home
    - tmpfs:
        - /var/run: rw,noexec,nosuid,size=65536k